How Often Should a Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Be Cleaned?

There’s varying advice on the frequency that a commercial ice machine should be cleaned. It will often depend on the level of usage and the water condition in each area. Manufacturers will recommend cleaning regularity based their equipment; however, this should be treated as a minimum guide; the actual amount required to guarantee hygienic operation will usually be more. 

We recommend cleaning the machine every day, preferably at the end of the business operations. Remember that it’s not just about waging war against bacteria but also eliminating any build-up of harmful slime or mold that naturally occurs when air is drawn into the equipment during operation.  
Never wait for negative signals such as soft, malformed, cloudy cubes or a distinct aroma before cleaning. If any of these occur, it will generally mean cleaning is already overdue. Stick to a strict timetable to remain proactive rather than reactive.  


Maintain Machines for Years  

Many restaurants and food service businesses have thousands of dollars invested in their ice cream machines. It doesn’t make sense to let that investment go to waste. With proper cleaning, an ice machine in more likely to last for many years, giving customers a delicious treat and giving your business a steady stream of income. For example, with thorough cleaning, hoses and o-rings are more likely to last through months of use.  


Creates Long-Lasting Food Quality  

Without the right cleaning procedures, the quality of your soft-serve ice cream machine and frozen yogurt can suffer. Without proper cleaning, important components like the condenser or scraper blades may become ineffective, which can harm the quality and consistency of the ice cream and frozen yogurt you are serving to customers.  


Ensures Proper Cleaning  

While routine, daily cleaning of ice cream machines is important, having a trained, knowledgeable professional take care of the more advanced cleaning and maintenance is essential. By having a professional take care of the job, you ensure that everything is done properly. Advanced parts like the condenser may become clogged with dust, lint, and debris, or parts that need to be replaced, including o-rings and seals, may go unnoticed. Having a professional cleaning gives you peace-of-mind knowing everything has been handled properly. 


Swirl.GO soft serve ice cream machine

No cleaning Required with Swirl.GO 

The Swirl.GO soft serve ice cream machine is a “nespresso-like” machine that features zero food contact, hence omits the tedious cleaning procedure of a usual commercial soft serve ice cream machine. Aside from the convenience that it provides, the Swirl.GO machine is able to dispense a full range of exciting flavours to satisfy the most discerning dessert-lover. Restaurant and café owners can unleash their creativity to create an enticing dessert menu for their customers. 

Swirl.GO soft serve ice cream machine in action

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