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We can create over 6 variants of desserts

Game changing features


Over 100 Flavours.
with just 1 machine.


Serve different flavours back to back without ever needing to clean the machine. 

Quarterly rotation of flavours.

Zero Cleaning.
Zero manpower.
100% Fuss free.

Our first-of-its-kind design ensures no more loading of premix, laborious disassembly and washing of dasher blades.

Zero need for water points or drainage.

we got smart about desserts.

Each Swirl.GO machine is a connected device that gives you real time insights on your inventory levels and top performing flavours.

self service experience.

No need for an operator. Easy to use, automated process allows for customers' self service. Self vending freezers also available.  

Where We Have Swirled

The experience is refreshing and being able to enjoy a cold dessert during breaks is welcoming.

- Happy customer from CDL

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+ Monthly sales insights
+ 50% refund upon machine purchase

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